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Can a successful cake box achieve commodity value and market share?
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Can a successful cake box achieve commodity value and market share?

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Can a successful cake box achieve commodity value and market share?

Cake box has become a necessary part and external form in the baking industry. Creative cake box is not only a beautiful coat for commodities to enter the market, but also a manifestation of value. As the saying goes, "people want clothes, Buddha wants gold", and commodities need a "good package". Because the packaging of commodities is not only a "coat", but also an integral part of the commodity itself. The packaging of commodities has become a means of commodity added value and corporate image.

At present, most enterprises still have insufficient understanding of commodity packaging, ignoring other additional functions of packaging, which makes the commodities produced by many domestic enterprises reach a high level in quality, but they can not get the support of consumers. Both the commodity price and the market share are far behind those of similar foreign products.

There is such a story: a company has launched a computer drawing board product, which has reached a good level both in technology and quality. However, due to the lack of creativity in the design of the outer packaging of goods and the failure to reflect the characteristics of the product itself, the original product appeared to be very low-end, and was defeated in the market competition with a Japanese company. Not only was the sales price much cheaper than the similar products of a Japanese company, but also the market share was far higher than that of a Japanese company. "Originally, the quality of our products has reached the level of similar products of a Japanese company, but due to our insufficient understanding of product packaging, we have failed in the market competition. This makes us very dissatisfied. It also makes us see the gap and the importance of product packaging." Later, the company redesigned the product packaging, changed the packaging materials, image patterns and trademark design, and introduced the product to the market again with its creative packaging image, which not only increased the market share of the product by three times, but also greatly increased the price. "Through the redesign of packaging, the sales volume of products has increased significantly. More importantly, the price not only brings more profits to the enterprise, but also improves the image of the enterprise itself.".

As a means to realize commodity value and use value, packaging is a link in commodity production, circulation and sales. With the development of the times and people's aesthetic requirements for products, packaging has bid farewell to the original single practical function and become a magic weapon to spread commodity information, commodity value and occupy the market. "In the past, most of our commodity packaging was' stupid, big, black and rough ', which was neither practical nor beautiful, greatly affecting the market value of commodities. Now our enterprises have realized that through commodity packaging design, not only the added value of commodities themselves, but also the profits of enterprises can be increased, and the overall image of enterprises can be improved."

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