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Design trend of packaging box
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Design trend of packaging box

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Design trend of packaging box

Packaging box design has a good development momentum in recent years, but how to further develop to adapt to the rapidly changing market demand is the primary problem in the development of packaging box design industry. How to grasp the development trend of packaging box design? Here are the following points:


The 21st century is a new century. People are committed to studying new packaging materials and type design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. Innovations in packaging materials include: pulp molding packaging materials for heat insulation, shock resistance, impact resistance and perishable; In terms of design, strive to reduce the materials that are not easy to decompose in the later stage for packaging, and try to use materials that are light in weight, small in volume, easy to crush or flatten, easy to separate, etc.


A packaging box named "faller" developed by a company. The packaging box is opened through the die tangent on the packaging box. The strength required to open the carton is very easy for adults, but it is very difficult for children, so as to avoid children's misopening and eating. Once the packing box is opened, it is difficult to restore, so it plays the role of anti-theft to a certain extent, and truly integrates protection and anti-theft.


Personalized packaging design is a widely involved and influential design method, which has great relevance and influence on corporate image, product itself and society. The shaping and expression of packaging image develop to natural and lively humanization and sexual modeling, and endow packaging personality quality and style to attract consumers. When designing the packing box, we should think systematically and analyze the actual situation from different angles and positions, so as to establish and understand various factors that should be considered.

Anti counterfeiting labeling

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the general packaging anti-counterfeiting technology has no effect on counterfeiters. Strengthening the vision of packaging box design and strengthening the technology of packaging and printing industry have become a powerful weapon in the action of combating counterfeiting and safeguarding rights. The method of packaging box design is combined with the printing industry technology integrating high and new scientific and technological achievements, and the pursuit of incisive and unique originality and vision is another direction for the sustainable development of packaging industry.

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