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Do you know the skills of paper bag design and production?
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Do you know the skills of paper bag design and production?

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Do you know the skills of paper bag design and production?

Although the paper bag design is not like the fashion design, which changes according to the trend, it does not mean that the packaging design is unchanging, or let the designer play freely. If you study carefully, you will find that in fact, paper bag design will have a new style every year, and new skills will be widely used.

Let's learn about the skills of making paper bags?

1. Jane

Jane's design is very popular, and there has been no sign of fading. Although it may be a little too abstract, keeping it simple can convey important information. The difficult part is to find the commodity features that ordinary people can see at a glance and show them vividly. If you can make people recognize what is in the package with a small amount or no words at all, it will be successful.

2. Pastel

The soft and soothing color selection has become the highlight of packaging design in 2018. The reduction of saturation makes the color itself give people a sincere and warm feeling, which can make the target consumers have pleasure and preference after seeing it.

3. Movie Poster

Designing the package as a movie poster will be a new way to attract eyeballs. Like movie posters, highlight the theme and convey the main information of the product to the audience, which can highlight the goods from similar products at once.

4. Large font

If you want to clearly convey the core information about your product, enlarging the font is a good choice. And words can let designers play a creative design. For example, a bold and eye-catching font can highlight important information. If you match it with the right color, your product will stand out.

5. Creative modeling and materials

For example, put snacks in tree holes and fruit juice in bamboo joints - this will immediately separate them from the traditional packaging area, and the packaging will also become one of the selling points of commodities. It doesn't even need the strong publicity of the copywriter to make the commodities unique.

6. Retro

Retro design can arouse consumers' aftertaste of past culture or memory and resonate emotionally. At the same time, retro design also gives people a psychological hint of a long history and reliable quality.

7. Holography

Holographic aluminum foil stamping can make ordinary packaging brilliant all at once. Holography can bring metal for plastic or paper, beautiful.

8. Gradual vitality

This year is the year when gradient design begins to recover. It is expected that more and more color gradients will be seen next year, greatly increasing the depth and breadth of packaging design.

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