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Do you know the three principles in packaging carton design (cake box)?
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Do you know the three principles in packaging carton design (cake box)?

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Do you know the three principles in packaging carton design (cake box)?

With the development of logistics becoming more and more convenient, people give gifts to each other more and more frequently. A good gift must have a beautiful gift box so that it will not appear abrupt. Paper box packaging is the mainstream in packaging gift boxes. In addition to some liquid such as honey that needs to be packaged in bottles, paper box packaging can be said to account for more than 90% of packaging design and production. So to design a beautiful packaging carton, we need to follow certain principles. Let's learn about the three principles of packaging design!

The first principle is simplicity, not simplicity.

With the improvement of people's aesthetic level and the impact of Japanese and Korean trends, people are increasingly putting their appreciation level on modern trends such as simplicity, simplicity and minimalism.

Therefore, if a product is to sell well, its packaging must be simple and simple. It can neither be ostentatious or flowery, nor can it be simple without connotation.

It must reveal its cultural connotation in simplicity, and convey some corporate culture to consumers in simplicity, which is a very high realm of simplicity rather than simplicity. Products designed according to this principle must be appreciated and praised by consumers.

The second principle is unity and coordination.

Many inexperienced designers, when receiving the design of some packaging boxes, tend to be imaginative, unrestrained and overly creative in their design, which is actually not good.

Because each product has its specific consumer groups and market positioning, if the design is fragmented and fancy, it may be too much. So we should follow the principle of unity and coordination when designing. Unity means that we should achieve the unity of style in color design, logo design, font design, illustration design and other design fields.

The third principle is to write well.

Many people tend to attach importance to design and despise copywriting. Copywriting design has become the symbol of a brand, so when we do packaging design, we must combine good copywriting to comprehensively control and layout.

These are the three principles in packaging carton design. I hope they can help you! If there is more to know, please follow us! If you want to buy birthday cake boxes and transparent cake boxes, you can contact us directly by phone!

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