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Fast food packaging
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Fast food packaging

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Fast food packaging

With the acceleration of the pace of people's living standards, fast food industry has become the mainstream of life, so the existence of fast food on the other hand promotes the development of fast food packaging.


First of all, fast food packaging classification: the most common number of paper bags, and then vacuum bags, followed by supermarket belt. And some KFC inside the most common is some hamburger paper, hamburger box, etc., in addition to this, there are some other, if you order a French fries, the end is a beautiful French fries box packaging, Jimi flower will have Jimi flower box packaging, cake will have cake box, etc., food after these fast food packaging will present a beautiful, attractive shape, attract your stomach greedy.


There is also a kind of package called baking package and boat box. With these packages, the food will be more polished.

We have more than 20 years experience in packaging production. With the characteristics of food grade material, heat insulation, waterproof, etc.

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