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Food paper packaging has attracted much attention
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Food paper packaging has attracted much attention

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Food paper packaging has attracted much attention

At present, the food paper packaging mainly uses solvent ink, which contains a large number of harmful solvents, such as benzene, second class, benzene standard will cause cancer, and is a blood system disease. In addition, the content of heavy metals such as mercury and lead in ink is also harmful to human body. With the tightening of food paper packaging quality policy in China, the problem is becoming more and more important. Food has become the focus and urgent task of global attention, and has become the criterion of ink development. With the increasing awareness, people have higher standards for the development of ink, and the green ink has become the trend of the times.

Heavy metals and solvents in ink will move to the inside and outside of the packaging bag at the same time. If they enter the packaging contents, there will be a great health hazard. It is recognized that the ink used in food printing shall abide by the principle of no transfer; The conventional ink shall not be used when printing the inner surface of food packaging; After printing, the solvent volatilization in the ink by the printing manufacturer requires curing and meets the corresponding standards of the application industry. Thus, the role of ink in food packaging printing can not be underestimated.

Now, the use of benzene and heavy metals in food packaging is not allowed in Europe and America and China. The Japanese government also stipulated a few years ago that benzene is not allowed in food packaging materials.

Nowadays, most countries in the world advocate the use of alcohol soluble ink and water-based ink, especially water-based ink as green ink, which is more and more widely used

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