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Food paper packaging is developing rapidly
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Food paper packaging is developing rapidly

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Food paper packaging is developing rapidly

In the modern packaging industry system, food paper packaging and paper containers account for an important proportion. In China, paper packaging materials account for about 40% of the total packaging materials. From the development trend, the consumption of food paper packaging will be greater and greater. Paper packaging materials take the lead in the packaging field because they have a series of advantages, such as processing, printing, mechanical properties, easy composite processing, good sanitation, wide sources of raw materials, easy to form mass production, diverse varieties, low cost, light weight, easy transportation, and recyclable waste; The use of plastics as packaging materials is an important symbol of the development of modern technology. With various sources of raw materials and low cost, it has become a fast-growing and large consumption packaging material in the world in recent 40 years. However, the use of plastic packaging materials in food packaging has many disadvantages, such as some health problems and environmental pollution caused by packaging waste.

In the field of food, paper packaging will replace plastic packaging

Some data show that the amount of plastic used for food packaging accounts for 1 / 4 of the total plastic output. It can be said that as soon as the plastic used for food packaging appears, there will be garbage. With the emergence of environmental protection requirements, it is necessary for consumers to eliminate backward packaging. The improvement of plastic materials is also a top priority. The food in the market segment can be packaged in paper. Try to use paper to reduce the waste of plastic and environmental pollution, which is also for the benefit of future generations.

Paper packaging return

The recycling of packaging waste resources will be industrialized, green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and developed, and the basic packaging industry will also accelerate its development.

Food packaging boxes are made of paper. The world calls for green packaging and cherish our home. Paper technology will be widely used in the packaging industry. Green packaging will become the main development trend of bakery packaging industry. However, it has become a consensus of sustainable development to replace wood, plastic, glass and metal with paper. Paper materials have more recyclable natural raw materials and more environmentally friendly recycling, which fully shows the development potential of paper materials.

Under the homogenization trend of various commodities, packaging has become the third important factor for fixed sales and image establishment after commodity quality and after-sales service. From the original function of commodity protection and convenient use, packaging has developed to increase commodity value, shape and promote sales. Packaging design has become an important part of commodity marketing plan. With the continuous development of paper materials and processing technology, the shape forms are becoming more and more diverse and more creative.

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