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How should the cake box be rationalized?
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How should the cake box be rationalized?

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How should the cake box be rationalized?

As we all know, how to make the cake box smoothly and reasonably? Today, a cake box manufacturer will briefly describe:

1. The rationalization of cake box starts from the product design stage The rationalization of cake box should start from the source, and product design is the source of cake box rationalization In traditional industrial product design, the quality, performance, style, selection of raw materials, cost, small size and compactness of products are often mainly considered, and the rationality of cake box and the saving of packaging materials are not paid much attention to, so as to make it convenient and reasonable to move, store and transport The convenience of cargo loading and unloading should be considered in architectural design, especially in shops and busy blocks Every enterprise and every product designer should realize the importance of logistics, and fully consider the rationality of cake box, standardization of packaging mold, consistency between packaging mold and tray size, recycling of packaging materials and resource utilization in the product design stage

2. The rationalization of cake box is coordinated with external factors As the cake box is only a link in the logistics system, the rationality of the cake box needs to be considered comprehensively. Only the coordination of various relevant factors can give full play to the overall logistics Some foreign stores adopt the method of large cake box or simple cake box to use the saved packaging fee to reduce the commodity price and attract consumers

3. Scientific packaging and reduce waste Cake box is an important industry. With the development of economy and the intensification of sales competition More and more material resources are consumed by cake boxes, and waste and over packaging are very serious. Therefore, scientific packaging and reducing waste should be paid attention to by all industries

4. The cake box should consider personality factors and environmental protection In addition to logistics factors, cake box serving should also consider "personality factors" and requirements The commodity of cake box is suitable for carrying, displaying and placing. It should be beautiful, generous and give consideration to decoration. Some cake box designs also consider people's emotion, religious belief, national habits and consumer psychology, such as "nostalgic packaging", "strange looking cake box", "animal image packaging" and "onomatopoeia packaging"

The rationalization of cake box is realized through the rationalization of micro cake box. The rationalization of cake box should be rationalized from the packaging design. Moreover, the contents of cake box should not affect human health, and should be convenient for recycling and reuse. The awareness of "green packaging" and the level of packaging should be emphasized

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