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How to check whether the cake box is qualified?
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How to check whether the cake box is qualified?

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How to check whether the cake box is qualified?

Each link of the cake box has an inspection standard. When all links meet the standard, the produced cake box can be regarded as a qualified product. What are the inspection standards for each link? Now let's follow the cake box manufacturer to learn about it!

1. Paper selection

There are many types of paper. We usually use white cardboard to make cake boxes. The gram weight is generally between 250g-400g according to the size of the cake box. Paper selection is important to select food grade paper. It is necessary to check whether the paper sales manufacturer has an inspection report!

2. Printing

For the inspection standard of cake box printing, first confirm whether the printing content is consistent with the customer's confirmation draft, and whether there is missing printing, wrong printing, etc. Secondly, check whether the printing color meets the requirements. After that, check whether there is dirt after printing.

3. Film covering

After the cake box is printed, most of them need to be coated according to the needs of customers. The inspection standard of film covering is relatively simple, mainly to see whether the film is covered and whether there is dirt.

4. Die cutting

Die cutting is also known as beer. For die cutting of cake box, the knife plate shall be made according to the final confirmed size. Before die cutting, check whether the size is correct. During die-cutting inspection, pay attention to whether there is pressure deviation. Secondly, check whether the trace line is clear and whether it is convenient to fold.

5. Adhesive box

Sticking the box is the last process. As the name suggests, it is to stick the cake box together. There are many inspection standards for whether the adhesive box is qualified. Firstly, there must be no glue opening, secondly, there must be no glue overflow, and finally, we need to check whether there is glue deviation.

The above are the inspection standards for common processes of making cake boxes. Other processes such as bronzing and embossing also have their own standards. After passing the inspection, the rest is packaging and delivery.

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