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How to measure the size of the cake box?
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How to measure the size of the cake box?

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How to measure the size of the cake box?

The size of the cake box can be divided into many kinds according to the needs of customers. If you want to customize a cake box, how should the size of the cake box be measured? Do you know?

1. Inner size: the inner size depends on the large outer size of the package, the number of inner packages, the packing arrangement and the type of inner packages;

2. External dimension: the external dimension depends on the vertical distance between the outer sides of the opposite sides of the cake box;

3. Manufacturing size: that is, the unfolded size of the cake box, and measure the unfolded bottom carton;

Relationship between size and size of cake box:

A. Manufacturing dimension = external dimension - coefficient;

B. Design the inner diameter of the cake box and carton according to the large outer diameter and arrangement of the inner packaging;

C. The outer diameter of the square cake box is designed according to the internal space size of the standard container.

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