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Key points to pay attention to when customizing paper bags!
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Key points to pay attention to when customizing paper bags!

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Key points to pay attention to when customizing paper bags!

Portable paper bags are a publicity channel. Every enterprise has its own portable paper bags. Now let's introduce the key points that should be paid attention to when customizing portable paper bags!

1. Commodity and consumer demand are the most fundamental starting point of packaging box customization. When customizing the packaging of commodities, we should consider the protective measures in storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and use according to the attributes of commodities. Different commodities may need different packaging materials, and we should also pay attention to the sun protection, moisture resistance, corrosion prevention, leakage prevention and fire prevention of commodities. Commodities are in good condition.

2. Humanization. Good packaging should be customized for the storage, transportation, exhibition and sales of goods, as well as the carrying and opening of consumers. Therefore, when customizing the commodity packaging box, we should make the box structure reasonable, rigorous and exquisite, and focus on the beauty of the box shape and material, the beauty of contrast and coordination, and the beauty of rhythm and rhythm, so as to achieve the box structure of the packaging box with complete functions and exquisite appearance, so as to adapt to production, sales and even use. Common commodity packaging box structures mainly include portable paper bag type, hanging type, open type, open window type, closed type or combination of several forms.

3. Production. While the shape of the customized packaging box is OK, we should consider whether the customized packaging box can realize delicate, fast and mass production, and whether it is conducive to workers' rapid and accurate processing, molding, loading and sealing.

4. Promotion. Customized packaging of goods is the silent advertisement and salesman of goods. If the customized packaging of goods can attract the attention of consumers and stimulate the desire to buy, then this kind of customization is successful.

5. Under the ecological trend. People began to advocate green packaging and reasonable consumption. Only the customized commodity packaging box that does not damage people's health and pollute the environment can become the ultimate choice of consumers.

6. Artistic sense. Artistic goods are easier to attract the attention of consumers and bring beauty to people. Paying attention to these aspects in the customization of packaging boxes can win the attention of consumers.

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