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Production process of square cake box
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Production process of square cake box

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Production process of square cake box

Square cake box is different from the traditional handicraft. The way of customization is also a special service in the production of square cake box. Today, let's have a simple understanding of the production process of cake box with the square cake box manufacturer!

1. Design, design patterns according to requirements, culture and product characteristics.

2. Proofing and making samples according to the drawings. Present gift boxes pay attention to beautiful appearance, so the colors of the produced version are also varied. Usually, a style of gift box has not only four basic colors, but also several special colors, such as gold and silver. Handmade bamboo basket packaging is pure, with novel design, firmness and low carbon. It can be widely used in the packaging of agricultural and sideline products such as fruits, fungi, poultry and eggs, food, cured products and so on.

3. Choose cardboard. The general gift box cardboard is made of cardboard or long cardboard. Wine packaging and gift packaging cartons. The cardboard with thickness of 3mm-6mm is mostly used, and the external decorative surface is mounted manually and bonded.

4. Printing. The gift box is only printed with wrapping paper, and the mounting paper will not be printed, but only dyed. Because the gift box is an outer packaging box, the printing process is very high, and color differences, ink dots and rotten versions are taboo, which affect the aesthetic.

5. Surface treatment. The wrapping paper of the gift box usually needs surface treatment. The common ones are gloss glue, dumb glue, UV, gloss oil and dumb oil.

6. Mounting. Usually, the printed matter is mounted first and then beer, but the gift box is mounted first and then beer. First, it is afraid of making flowers and wrapping paper. Second, the gift box pays attention to the overall beauty. The paper mounting of the gift box is made by hand, which can achieve the beauty

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