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Skills to master in cake box packaging design!
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Skills to master in cake box packaging design!

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Skills to master in cake box packaging design!

Cake box packaging design, like other packaging design, needs to master skills. That is, the ingenious grasp of color, composition and cultural connotation.

1. Grasp of color

A. Color and packaging design

That is to reveal or reflect the internal packaging design items through the external packaging design color. So that people can basically perceive or associate with what the internal packaging design is when they see the packaging design. However, looking at the commodities on the market, many of them do not reflect this care relationship. So that consumers can not be perceived at a glance, so they can not play a promotional role in packaging design. Food packaging design usually uses goose yellow and pink to give people a warm feeling. The cake packaging design mostly adopts gold and red, which are warm colors and have a sense of intimacy. In particular, gold gives people an illusion of fragrance. Although some cake packaging designs do not have the colors similar to their properties as we say from the perspective of main colors, if you look carefully, you will find the symbolic color block of the finishing touch from the outer packaging design.

B. Color and color contrast

This is a point that is easy to express but not easy to grasp in many cake packaging designs, including other food packaging designs. If you are a master, then the design is sunny and white snow. On the contrary, of course, it is xialiba. The so-called contrast between color and color refers to the contrast of color use depth, light and shade, point and surface, elegance and vulgarity, etc.

2. Grasp of composition skills

Color is the foundation, composition is the process and the end goal. So composition is important. The patterns of cake packaging design are mostly warm color as the bottom, decorated with some flowers, cartoon patterns, English blessings and other things symbolizing beauty and sweetness. The goal of composition, like color, is to make the whole packaging design look warmer and easier to arouse people's appetite. Of course, the composition skills of cakes for different purposes are also different. Cake packaging design for children pays more attention to cartoons. The cake packaging design for the elderly pays more attention to the celebration and longevity. The cake packaging design of gifts will emphasize sex.

3. Grasp of cultural connotation

A good packaging design will make people feel comfortable and have a pleasant aesthetic psychological satisfaction. Therefore, the above two points are to meet people's psychology. However, this satisfaction can not be without cultural connotation. Just like people's temperament and cultivation, it is an internal charm that makes people have endless aftertaste. However, some cake packaging designs are fancy and there are too many things to decorate. In addition to telling you that this is a cake box and product name, it can not bring added value to the goods.

Therefore, this packaging design has no vitality. A good product packaging design either injects the cultural connotation, especially the cultural connotation of the product enterprise, or the concept pursuit of the enterprise. Or there is a symbolic meaning to explain a problem. Or it is the implied appeal point, which gives people an enlightenment. Or the colors and words used to represent the enterprise. Or represent the attributes of the product. If a packaging design does not meet the above, it is not a successful packaging design. The same is true for cake packaging design.

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