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The cake box manufacturer introduces the design principle of the cake box
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The cake box manufacturer introduces the design principle of the cake box

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The cake box manufacturer introduces the design principle of the cake box

Cake box is a paper packaging tool used for cake packaging. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for cake boxes have gradually changed from only packaging firmness to the present aesthetic level of appearance design. Both the design of cake box and the design of container shape need to consider their own functions, taking into account the shape and weight of the product. Now let's learn about the design principle of the packaging carton together with the cake box factory!

The carton is a three-dimensional shape, and its production process is a process of moving, stacking, folding, and enveloping a multi-faceted shape composed of several surfaces. The surface in the three-dimensional structure plays the role of dividing space in the space, cutting, rotating and folding the surface of different parts, and the resulting surface has different emotions. The plane is flat, smooth and simple. The surface is soft, gentle and elastic. Curved surfaces are soft, simple and full of circles, strict and solemn of squares... These are exactly what we must consider when studying the physical structure of cartons.

The research of polyhedron in three-dimensional composition is to find the change rule of polyhedron surface and surface, and explore the relationship between surface change and material strength. For example, the surface connection is usually connected in the paper shape through point connection and line connection, and the surface connection appears in the box cover, box body and box bottom structure. Take the box bottom as an example: the box bottom is a key part affected by weight, compression resistance, vibration, drop and other factors. It is suitable for surface connection. The box bottom is firmly sealed and shaped by means of connecting and locking all sides. This structure can package many types of products, most of which are small and medium-sized bottled products.

In addition, the six basic geometric shapes and their variants in polyhedron have similarities and differences with the complex and changeable external forms of commodities in real life. The carton packaging structure should give full play to the shaping characteristics of polyhedron and skillfully use body language to express the characteristics of commodities and the aesthetic feeling of packaging in terms of the functions and characteristics of commodities. For many food packages on the market at present, the shaping of their outer packaging boxes is based on Plato's or Archimedes' definition of polyhedron. Each side is composed of repeated shapes, and each side is composed of different shape groups and different shapes, which are more close to the sphere. For example, the appearance of a Japanese "chocolate" package just corresponds to the definition of Plato's sphere. It consists of eight identical equilateral triangle paperboards which are folded and inserted into each other to form an eight sided body. A simple and simple silk rope is used to connect the eight sides skillfully, playing the role of a solid function. The shape is rigorous, and has a unique Japanese national style.

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