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The design of the cake box also has ideas. Let's have a look at what you want to know
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The design of the cake box also has ideas. Let's have a look at what you want to know

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The design of the cake box also has ideas. Let's have a look at what you want to know

Cake is a kind of dessert that many people will eat on their birthdays. This kind of dessert needs to be packaged in a cake box, so it is important to have a nice box packaging. Here we have also introduced the relevant content to tell you about the common design ideas! Come and have a look if you are interested.

1、 Cake box as brand packaging

At present, there are pastry brands in the market: repeat customers, Daliyuan, etc. The cake boxes of two or three brands are the same. If your package looks very similar to those of these brands, people can hardly distinguish your cake from others' when it is put together in the supermarket. So your cake box packaging needs to be different from other brands. Then consumers can notice that this is another cake brand when buying. So if your cake is sold on the shelf, please pay attention to the cake packaging of your competitors.

2、 Cake box as food packaging

Cake is a kind of food, and in food packaging, there are some foods that need to be displayed. Then we need to choose a window opening design for the cake box. Of course, whether on the side or on the top, it is to let consumers see what they are buying. This kind of carton is not only suitable for cakes, but also for pies, cookies and other dessert boxes. Our company's self-locking bottom cake box is a case of this kind of carton. Other packages that need to be displayed through the window also include the packaging design of dry mix noodles and ice cream lids. The advantage of window opening carton is that it allows consumers to see the appearance of products before purchasing. So if the shape of your cake is attractive enough, you can choose the window cake packaging box.

3、 Cake box as transport package

Traditional cake ordering mode: order by phone and pick up the cake at night. Internet cake ordering mode: order by phone and send it home in the afternoon. The cake fetching process has been done by cake makers, so there is a problem that there is more than one cake when sending cakes, so the cake boxes will be squeezed on the transport vehicle, and at this time, transport resistant packaging boxes are required. It is still a self-locking double insert box with bottom buckle, but it is no longer a card box, but needs to use corrugated paper and other paper that is easy to transport.

Food grade corrugated paper can avoid the problem of safety and hygiene, so your cake should be delivered to your door. Please choose the corrugated paper for window opening.

So to sum up, we need to choose different packaging because of different object oriented products. This is like wearing formal clothes for work and casual clothes for rest. Therefore, when designing a cake box, you should be clear about the positioning of your cake. Remember, a successful package can add 30% promotion function to the product.

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