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The packaging manufacturer introduces the five steps of cake box design
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The packaging manufacturer introduces the five steps of cake box design

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The packaging manufacturer introduces the five steps of cake box design

The process of packaging box design is a planned, step-by-step and continuous improvement process. The success of design largely depends on whether the concept is accurate and complete. The beauty of design is endless, and perfection depends on attitude. In addition to the designer's ideas, the design of the packaging box also requires market research and content understanding, as the use and price of the product should be considered. Now let's introduce the five steps of cake box design from the cake box factory!

1、 Investigation

Investigation is the process of understanding things, and design requires purposeful and complete investigation. Background, market survey, industry survey (brand, participant, product...), positioning, presentation, etc. Survey is the beginning and basis of design (background knowledge).

2、 Content

The content is divided into two parts: theme and specific content, which are the basic materials for designers before design.

3、 Concept

Conception is the first step of design. Conception is more important than anything else in design. The concept has always been independent of design. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to convey ideas in your visual works.

4、 Mobilize visual elements

The basic elements are equivalent to the components of your work, and each element has the purpose of transmitting and strengthening information. Real designers are often "stingy". Every element they use will be considered from the overall needs. In a layout, the component elements can be divided by category, such as title, text, background, hue, main graphic, blank, visual center, etc. Graphic design layout is the process of organically combining different elements.

For example, in layout, frames (also called skeletons) are often used. There are many forms, regular frames and irregular frames, visible frames and hidden frames; In font elements, the selection and collocation of fonts and fonts are also very particular. The selection process of font style is an aesthetic judgment process, and the use of color elements can reflect the designer's understanding and cultivation of color. Color is a kind of language (information). It has feelings, can make people associate, and can make people feel cold and warm, front and back, weight, size, etc. It is one of the necessary abilities for designers to be good at mobilizing visual elements.

5、 Choose a way of expression

The technique is the technique. It is not easy to impress the audience today when visual products are flooded. More visual works have been automatically ignored by people's eyes. How many ways are there to get your message out? One is a complete and perfect design method expressed by traditional aesthetics, which will be appreciated, read and remembered by the audience. The second is to achieve (including on the materials) in a novel or unexpected way, and the third is to conduct carpet style forced bombing with crazy advertising. Which one do we need more? Although all three methods can achieve the goal, we know that their returns are different.

We have learned many kinds of graphic processing and expression techniques in the three major components, such as contrast, analogy, exaggeration, symmetry, primary and secondary, light and shade, variation, repetition, contradiction, radiation, rhythm, thickness, cold and warm, area and other forms. In addition, there are hand drawn effects from the perspective of graphic processing, such as oil painting, pencil, watercolor, printmaking, crayon, and graffiti.

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