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Three tips for cake box packaging design!
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Three tips for cake box packaging design!

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Three tips for cake box packaging design!

Cake box packaging design is the content of packaging visual design, which generally refers to the design of carton surface and how to select color, text, graphics and bar code, so as to beautify and promote products

1. Eye catching: it means that the packaging should combine novel and unique shapes, bright and eye-catching colors and beautiful and exquisite patterns, so that consumers will have strong interest as soon as they see them.

2. Combination of graphics and text: the combination of graphics and text can set off the goods, fully display the characteristics of the trademark, and enable consumers to immediately identify the products from the trademark and the overall packaging pattern. In the design, designers should fully consider the abstract expression laws of different colors, so that colors can reflect the attributes of goods, stimulate consumers' purchase desire, and meet the needs of different consumption levels in the target market.

3. Modeling: the unique modeling is mainly reflected through the special-shaped structure, which needs to be realized by designing the structural elements such as functional structure, characteristic structure and appearance structure, so that they can meet the functions of various packaging styles, beautiful modeling, ingenious structure, various forms and attract the attention of consumers.

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