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What are common printing techniques for food paper packaging?
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What are common printing techniques for food paper packaging?

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What are common printing techniques for food paper packaging?

For food paper packaging, printing is essential. The finer the printing classification, the better the printing color of food paper packaging can be. Then, what are the common printing technologies of general packaging boxes?

1、 Gravure:

Gravure printing, the ink color is full and three-dimensional. In various printing methods of packaging boxes, the printing quality is good and stable, and the printing plate has a long service life, which is suitable for large-scale printing. However, its plate making is complex and expensive, and benzene ink pollutes the environment. These two problems affect the development of gravure printing.

2、 Offset printing:

Offset printing is mainly used for printing paper-based materials in packaging boxes. The printing format of sheet fed offset printing machine can be changed, which is more flexible. With the development of technology, the web offset press is also constantly improving. Now it has successfully developed a web offset press that can change the printing format. At the same time, it has also developed a web offset press with seamless roller. The printing roller of this web offset press is seamless, which is the same as the web gravure press in this respect. The offset press is also constantly improving its printing function. After improvement and adding some parts, it can print corrugated cardboard; After improvement and installation of UV drying device, UV printing can be printed. The above improvements continue to expand the scope of use of offset printing machines in the field of packaging printing. Offset printing water-based inks will soon enter practical application, where offset printing is another progress.

3、 Flexo printing:

The main advantages of flexo printing are: 1. The equipment structure is simple and easy to form a production line. In offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing equipment, flexographic printing machine is simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain. At present, most flexographic printing machines are connected with processing processes such as bronzing, glazing, cutting, slitting, die cutting, indentation, punching, windowing, etc., forming production lines, which greatly increases labor productivity. 2. It has a wide range of applications and substrates. Flexographic printing can almost print some printed matter and use some substrate, which is unique in corrugated printing in packaging box printing. 3. Water based inks are widely used. Among offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing, only flexographic printing currently widely uses water-based ink, which is beneficial to environmental protection and suitable for packaging box printing. 4. Low cost. The low cost of flexographic printing has formed a broad consensus abroad.

4、 Screen printing:

With the introduction and development of screen printing equipment and materials, domestic screen printing has developed greatly. With its own advantages, screen printing is widely used in the field of packaging decoration and packaging box printing, and its role can not be ignored, especially in cigarette, wine and gift packaging. At present, the most widely used screen printing processes are imitation metal etching, ice flower texture, refraction and other screen printing processes. The printed packaging boxes are colorful, elegant and luxurious, which can be called top-grade products. They are loved by consumers and have a good market.

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