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What are the advantages of food paper packaging as the main food packaging?
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What are the advantages of food paper packaging as the main food packaging?

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What are the advantages of food paper packaging as the main food packaging?

Food paper packaging not only plays the role of a container, but also can guarantee the quality and prolong the sales period. The traditional packaging materials in the food industry mainly include glass packaging, metal packaging, food paper packaging and plastic packaging. Among them, glass packaging and metal packaging are relatively expensive and slightly cumbersome. Therefore, except for food, most food adopts paper packaging or plastic packaging.

With the of economic development, people from all walks of life pay more and more attention to environmental issues, and people's awareness of environmental protection is enhanced. Therefore, the requirements for food packaging will also rise. A survey shows that the consumption of plastic packaging in food packaging accounts for 1 / 4 of the total plastic production. In daily life, plastic packaged food can be seen everywhere, especially puffed food and convenience food, resulting in a lot of white garbage that is not easy to decompose. These white wastes will cause great harm to land resources and water resources after landfilling, and burning them by fire will pollute the air.

Therefore, plastic packaging will be less and less used in the future, and paper packaging will replace it. Compared with glass packaging and metal packaging, paper packaging has the advantages of low cost, easy manufacture, light weight and easy processing. At the same time, compared with plastic packaging, paper packaging is easy to degrade and can be recycled, which has little impact on the environment. This occupies a great advantage under the gradual of people's awareness of environmental protection and the rise of the concept of zero packaging, simple packaging and green packaging led by the packaging revolution in the global industry and economic system.

In addition, with the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic level, the fashionable, beautiful, delicate and generous characteristics of the articles set off by paper packaging have been recognized by more and more people. For example, this year's Valentine's day or Tanabata Festival, more and more popular paper packaged flower gift boxes not only set off the delicate and beautiful characteristics of flowers, but also reflect the sense of hierarchy of packaging.

In the food industry, in addition to fried food, milk drinks and other foods that have been packaged in paper, disposable lunch boxes, chocolate and other desserts are also gradually expanded to paper packaging. It can be predicted that in the near future, the food packaging industry will usher in greater opportunities, and the paper packaging will become the general trend of the food packaging industry.

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