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What are the advantages of food paper packaging?
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What are the advantages of food paper packaging?

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What are the advantages of food paper packaging?

Most of the packaging boxes and handbags produced by food paper packaging manufacturers use paper packaging. As a packaging material, paper packaging has many advantages. The following food paper packaging manufacturers will introduce to you:

1. The raw materials of paper and paperboard are from nature, with diverse sources, low cost and suitable for large-scale mechanical production;

2. Compared with other packaging containers, cartons not only have good mechanical strength, but also have good cushioning performance, but also have heat insulation, shading, moisture-proof and dust-proof, which can effectively protect the inner goods;

3. Paper and paperboard are easy to be cut, folded, bonded or nailed to form cartons, cartons, paper bags and other packaging containers with different shapes and functions. They are not only suitable for mechanized processing and automatic production, but also can produce beautiful packaging by hand. The paper products before packaging can be folded for storage and transportation, which not only saves space but also reduces cost;

4. The surface of paper and paperboard is flat and can print exquisite patterns, which is conducive to sales promotion; Especially on the city shelves, the commodities with exquisite printing and decoration and unique shapes can stimulate consumers' desire to buy;

5. Paper and paperboard packaging materials are hygienic; Various kinds of paper packaging materials produced under strict process and technical conditions can meet the packaging requirements of different commodities without polluting the items in the packaging;

6. Paper packaging containers can be recycled or papermaking, so the waste generated by paper packaging is less, which can degrade in a short time even after being discarded, and will not pollute the environment; Paper packaging materials are produced and processed from plant raw materials. It circulates in nature and is inexhaustible. It is a green packaging mode of sustainable development;

7. The composite packaging function of paper and paperboard with other materials such as plastic and aluminum foil is more. It can be widely used in the fields of high strength, moisture-proof and water drainage, heat sealing and high barrier packaging.

We have more than 20 years experience in packaging production. With the characteristics of food grade material, heat insulation, waterproof, etc.

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