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What are the commonly used techniques for cake box production?
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What are the commonly used techniques for cake box production?

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What are the commonly used techniques for cake box production?

For cake boxes, there are many processes in production. Only the finer the classification of printing processes, can the appearance of cake boxes be so beautiful. What are the common printing processes of general packaging boxes?


The high precision is up to 0.01mm, and good laser technology can make creative cutting and pattern on paper, which can be combined with other processing to meet the printing requirements.


After heating the metal plate, the post-processing technology of stamping the pattern on the paper across the tin foil is popular and widely used because of its bright visual performance.

relief printing:

A traditional printing technology that imprints the paper after the ink is rolled on the metal movable type or metal plate. It can adjust the pressure on the paper according to the needs to form a very deep three-dimensional feeling.

Inkless embossing (Bump):

A processing technology that uses a metal plate but does not heat, use tin foil, and do not touch ink to directly press on paper. It is suitable for presenting the original texture of the paper or expressing it in a simple style.

UV printing:

That is, the ink will dry when exposed to UV light. It is suitable for paper that is not easy to dry, or other flat materials such as acrylic, wood and so on.

Side brush Gold:

The processing of hot stamping gold foil on the side of piles of books or business cards can echo with the hot stamping on the front and back, presenting a high-level texture.

Die cutting:

The printed matter or other paper products are made into a die-cutting knife plate according to the pre-designed graphics for cutting, so that the shape of the printed matter is limited to straight edges and right angles, which is practical in the design and production of packaging box type.


Lithography is a fast and stable printing technology. It is widely used in all kinds of paper materials and can use all kinds of inks. It is a good and economical choice when there is a large number of production needs.

Screen printing:

A traditional process of printing with screen made of nylon thread. In paper printing, most of them can only be printed in one color or several colors. Because it is semi manual, if there is overlapping color, it is not suitable for works with high accuracy requirements.

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