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What are the design skills of the cake box? The cake box manufacturer told you
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What are the design skills of the cake box? The cake box manufacturer told you

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What are the design skills of the cake box? The cake box manufacturer told you

Cake is a popular food, regardless of age, gender, occupation, cultural level, nationality, etc. The types of cake packaging boxes include general cake boxes (round boxes and square boxes), single pastry boxes, double pastry boxes, wedding cake boxes, children's cake boxes, birthday cake boxes, and Valentine's Day gift boxes. Like other packaging boxes, pastry packaging design requires certain skills. That is, the ingenious grasp of color, composition and cultural connotation. Next, the cake box manufacturer will introduce the design skills of the cake box.

1. Color control

A. Color and packing box

In other words, the color of the external packaging box is used to reveal or reflect the items in the internal packaging box. In this way, people can basically perceive or associate what the inner packaging box is when they look at it. However, many commodities on the market do not reflect this kind of reference relationship. So that consumers can not be perceived at a glance, so that they can not play a promotional role outside the box. Food packaging boxes usually use goose yellow and pink to give people a warm feeling. The cake packaging box is mostly gold and red, both of which are warm colors and have a sense of intimacy. In particular, gold gives people an illusion of fragrance. Although some cake packaging boxes do not have the color similar to their attributes from the perspective of the main color, if you look carefully, you will find the symbol color of the finishing touch from the outer packaging box if you are out of your own hands.

B. Color and color contrast

This is the easiest point to show but the hardest to grasp in the design of many cake packaging boxes, including other food packaging boxes. If you are a master, you will design a white snow in the spring. If you are not a master, you will certainly be a layman. The so-called contrast between color and color refers to the contrast between the depth of color use, light and shade, dot and surface, elegance and vulgarity.

2. Mastery of composition skills

Color is the basis, composition is the process and the ultimate goal. So composition is the most important. The pattern of the cake packaging box is mostly warm color at the bottom, and it is decorated with some flowers, cartoon patterns, English blessings and other things that symbolize beauty and sweetness. The goal of composition is the same as that of color, which is to make the whole package design look warmer and more appetizing. Of course, the composition skills of cakes for different purposes are different. The cake packaging design for children pays more attention to cartoon effect. The cake packaging box for the elderly pays more attention to the effect of happiness and longevity. The cake packaging box for gifts will emphasize the high-end.

3. Grasping the cultural connotation

A good packaging box will certainly make people feel comfortable and satisfy their aesthetic psychology. So the above two points are all to meet people's psychological needs. But this kind of satisfaction cannot be without cultural connotation. Just like people's temperament and cultivation, it is an internal charm, which makes people have endless aftertaste. However, some cake boxes are colorful and there are too many decorations. Apart from telling you that this is a cake box and product name, it cannot bring any added value to the product.

Therefore, this kind of packaging box has no vitality. A good product packaging box is either infused with cultural connotation, especially the cultural connotation of the product enterprise, or the pursuit of the enterprise's philosophy. Either it has a certain symbolic meaning, which explains a problem. Or it implies some appeal points, giving people a kind of enlightenment. Or the special colors and words representing the enterprise. Or it represents the attributes of the product. If a packaging box design does not conform to the above, it will not be a successful packaging box design. The same is true for cake boxes.

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