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What are the precautions when printing paper bags?
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What are the precautions when printing paper bags?

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What are the precautions when printing paper bags?

The first process of making paper bag is printing. The quality of printing directly determines whether the paper bag is qualified or not. What are the precautions when printing paper bags?

1. In the process of printing paper bags, pay attention to the use of the same ink and do not mix the inks with different properties. If the two cannot be dissolved, the quality of paper bags will be affected.

2.2 when printing, pay attention to the nature of the ink, avoid direct sunlight, and maintain the indoor temperature, preferably within 10-26 degrees Celsius.

3. In the process of paper bag printing, if the ink is not stirred frequently, it is easy to bond, which will affect the overall presentation of the paper bag. However, be careful not to dilute too much, so the printed products will have color difference, which can be adjusted by adding thickener appropriately.

4. In the process of printing, we should also give full play to the role of water. It can effectively control the viscosity of ink and balance the pH value. If the pH value of water is between 9.5 and 8.5, it should be adjusted.

5. Paper bags are printed on a large scale by machine, and the printing process is very fast, so there are high requirements for the dryness of ink. If the drying speed of ink is too slow, desiccant can be added appropriately to increase its drying speed. If printing is carried out before the ink is dry, it is easy to get the layout dirty, which will also affect the overall printing efficiency.

6. After printing, the equipment should be cleaned. The ink on the equipment should be cleaned when it is still viscous, so as to increase the cleaning speed. If it cannot be cleaned with clean water, some cleaning agents can be added appropriately.

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