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What are the types of baking packaging?
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What are the types of baking packaging?

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What are the types of baking packaging?

Baking packaging is a part of the baking industry. What are the types of baking packaging?

1. Pastry cake box. It refers to the packaging box of small Western pastries. This cake box has various shapes, but most of it is folded and formed in one piece. The paper is slightly thinner, and the transportation is also very convenient. However, most of the paper adopts 350g-400g fine card, which has strong load-bearing capacity, clean appearance and smart after forming.

2. One piece portable square cake box. The cake box is formed by a piece of corrugated paper. After the Dalian cake box is folded and inserted into shape, two handles are arranged at the top, which is convenient to take and hold freely, simple and dexterous and convenient for transportation. In addition, the cake box is generally equipped with a matching cardboard drawer, which can be taken freely, clean and sanitary. It can be directly mounted or directly put into the refrigerator.

3. Round birthday cake box. The round birthday cake box is a common type at ordinary times, which is composed of box cover, edge and bottom. The box cover and bottom support are generally colored paper mounted with gray board, which not only realizes the function of bearing weight, but also is relatively beautiful. It is easy for consumers to feel that they have grade and upper grade. It is more suitable for some high-end hotels, bakeries and bakeries. For customers, the bottom of this round cake box is coated with film, which has high strength, clean and tidy. When in use, it can prevent oil pollution and penetration, and can also be directly put into the refrigerator.

4. Three body square cake box. The cake box is composed of a box cover, a surrounding edge and a box bottom. The cake box can be folded before use, so it saves space and is easy to store and transport. The upper folding stiffener around the edge also enhances the strength of the product. Box cover. DIY folding cover is generally used, which can also save space and facilitate transportation. In addition, there will be thick paper in the middle of the box cover, which effectively increases the strength of the box cover and avoids the deformation that may be caused by binding or moisture. At the same time, the single-layer paper on the four sides of the box cover also greatly facilitates the folding operation.

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