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What is the function of the cake box?
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What is the function of the cake box?

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What is the function of the cake box?

We believe everyone should have eaten the cake, but do you know that? Why do we buy cakes in boxes? In fact, this is because some of the functions we don't know can be understood from four aspects. We have also introduced them here, and those interested can have a look.

Beautify cake

The cake packaged in the cake box is very eye-catching because of the novel picture and colorful color, which beautifies the product and improves the fineness of the cake.

Delayed aging

After the aging of starch, the cake is solid and dry, and the core is inelastic, which not only affects the flavor but also reduces the digestion and absorption rate of the human body. Aging is an inevitable trend in cake storage, but the products packaged in cake boxes can delay the aging effect and the water phase separation effect of starch colloids.

Prevent damage

Cakes are damaged during storage, transportation and sale. The film packaging can prevent the conflict between each other, also can play a shock-absorbing effect, and prevent collision and damage to the integrity of the appearance. The products that are easy to be flattened or coated on the surface should be protected with transparent plastic tray and then wrapped with film.

Prevent mildew

As a direct food, cake should be clean and hygienic. If the temperature and humidity are suitable, and there is mold infection, it will be moldy food. The packaged products can prevent infection when touching with air, containers and hands, and extend the shelf life. The cake that does not need anti mildew agent can be kept for 7 days with good sealing performance. However, under the same conditions, it can only be stored for 2 days without packaging, which shows the importance of packaging to prevent mildew.

This is the introduction about the function of cake packaging box. Will you have a deeper understanding of it through the introduction of this article? If there is any other knowledge to know, you must pay more attention to us.

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