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What is the process of making square cake box?
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What is the process of making square cake box?

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What is the process of making square cake box?

The square cake box is a part of the baking industry. How is the square cake box made?

1. Plate making: the current square cake boxes are all beautiful and fashionable. They are built because the color of the plate is also colorful. Every square cake box with a name not only has four basic colors, but also several special colors, such as gold and silver.

2. Paper selection: the wrapping paper of all square cake boxes is made of double copper and dumb copper paper. Its gram weight is usually 128G, 105g and 157G. There are few wrapping paper of square cake boxes above 200g. Because the wrapping paper is too thick, the framed square cake box is easy to bubble. At the same time, it looks more powerful in general.

3. Printing: Generally speaking, it is only used to print wrapping paper. If paper is mounted, it will not be printed, and most of it is only dyed. Because the square cake box is an outer packaging box, it has high requirements for printing technology. Among them, the taboo is a series of aesthetic shortcomings such as color difference, ink dot and rotten plate. Generally speaking, the wrapping paper of the square cake box needs to be treated. The common ones are gloss glue, UV, dumb glue, gloss oil and dumb oil.

4. Die cutting: die cutting can be described as one of the more serious moments in the printing process. If the die cutting is accurate, the packaging knife die will be accurate. If the die cutting is deviated, the die cutting will affect the subsequent processing.

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