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What is the recent development of baking packaging industry?
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What is the recent development of baking packaging industry?

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What is the recent development of baking packaging industry?

When it comes to baking packaging, cartons and plastic paper are common. As a circle in the corrugated packaging circle, the natural that can be mixed into the baking packaging is inseparable from the height. So we went to all kinds of bakeries and cake shops to see all kinds of colorful, fresh and bright packaging boxes, bronzed fonts and full printing. As the general public before contacting the wrapping paper, they really think that the whiter the paper is, the cleaner the color is, and the higher the color is. This concept is still affecting many ordinary consumers.

Take the cake box as an example, our common carton materials are mostly white card, board, coated cow card, cow card paper, color card and other packaging paper. The previous cake boxes were mostly white paper, with different color difference printing to realize different baking packaging themes. Now, when we go to first tier cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing, we see more and more packaging boxes dominated by wood color. This natural and fresh material paper caters to the current concept of pursuing simplicity and reducing complexity, and is deeply loved by many light people and bakeries with strong literary and artistic flavor. It not only improves the texture of the packaging, but also makes the packaging box more solid.

The built-in objects of baking packaging are generally baking objects. As a packaging, the cake box should not only protect the food, but also reflect and attract the attention of consumers. Generally speaking, light colored paper is suitable, such as white food grade white card, domestic white card manufacturers include sun paper, and light colored wood pulp Kraft card, such as foreign New Zealand kadavy card. Domestic baking packaging has strict requirements on paper hygiene and related materials, and the standard of paper has a great influence on it. At the same time, the smoothness of paper surface plays an important restrictive role in its exquisite printing. The smoothness of white cardboard has little effect on printing. Most wood pulp Kraft linerboard cannot achieve a good balance between burst resistance and smoothness due to the use of raw materials and manufacturing technology, while foreign New Zealand kadavy Kraft linerboard can achieve this, the stability of solid packaging box and the diversification of printing style.

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