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Which material is better for the cake box?
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Which material is better for the cake box?

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Which material is better for the cake box?

We should have seen it when we bought the cake! Cakes are packaged in cartons, and they are all very beautiful. Like some transparent cake boxes, they can also show the appearance of cakes, which looks very attractive. But what kind of material is better for us to choose when we produce cakes boxes? Here is an analysis for you.

1. Corrugated paper cake boxes. Corrugated cardboard packaging is lightweight, the variation of shape structure and the decoration and printing of its appearance can be reflected through careful design and processing technology, so that it has the packaging function of beautifying goods and promoting sales. Its effect is not inferior to other types of packaging containers, and even has its unique advantages. The high-strength corrugated cardboard packaging container is light in material, compact in structure and flexible in texture. The packaging process is simple and easy to operate. No matter how to fold, fill, seal or stack, all the packaging links are easy to carry out mechanized operation.

2. White cardboard cake boxes. The white card is also called double-sided white card. The white card is higher than the gray card. The white card consists of three layers: the surface layer and the bottom layer are white, smooth and flat, and can be printed on both sides; The middle layer is a filler layer with poor raw materials. The white card is hard, thin and crisp. The white board paper has small elasticity and toughness, and is not easy to break when folded. It is mainly used for high-grade packaging boxes and commodity packaging sulphonated lining paper. White cardboard is a kind of material that is loved by people because of its good texture and plasticity. Especially, durable white cardboard is very popular with various printing and packaging process manufacturers.

Do you also understand after this introduction? Different materials will show different effects after being made, so you can pay more attention to it.

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