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Why does the paper handbag burst?
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Why does the paper handbag burst?

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Why does the paper handbag burst?

Paper handbag is a common packaging in our daily life. It has a wide range of uses, whether it is food, clothing or handicrafts, and it can also be recycled, which is in line with the concept of packaging. However, when using paper handbags in daily life, they often burst. Let's analyze the reason why the paper handbags burst!

Common causes of bursting of paper handbag:

1. Process factors: non-standard die-cutting; Great manual strength; Not covered with film; High gram weight; High UV temperature and deep embossing; Low temperature and low humidity.

2. Material factors: low folding resistance of paper; Poor quality of membrane; Indentation knife plate indentation strip problem.

Reasons for bursting of multi-layer folding part:

① The thickness and stiffness of the paper are large, the folding resistance is low, the ambient temperature and humidity are too low, and the film is not covered;

② The indentation line is not standard, and multiple die cutting;

③ The bag forming method is not standardized, the indentation line is not aligned, and the force is too strong when folding the line

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